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Migrant Refugees Family‘ is a collective of migrants, mainly refugees, who have brought their work together to create an interdisciplinary art project. The heart of the project is a music album whose songs in different languages want to convey messages against racism and exclusion as well as for interculturality, living together and freedom of movement for all. Videoclips based on these songs were made to be shown on the internet and, most important, to write a theatre play with them, which has influences from african narrative art and contemporary dance.

The artist and storyteller Awoulawoula initiated this project and worked with numerous artists in the creation of individual elements (dance, singing, music, sound, body painting…). The aim of this collaboration is not only to focus on the music album, the videos and the theatre play, but mainly to put the idea of empowerment into practice and support the professional development of the artists. Marginalised people such as migrants, illegalised or homeless people are to be encouraged to express themselves and to realise qualitative projects in order to expand their scope of action in a society that repeatedly imposes limits on them. Using a variety of forms of expression (theatre, music, video, dance), the project aims to spread its messages and to trace the life paths of the artists and people in similar situations (asylum applications, deportation, migration, precariousness, etc.), not only for an audience that is already aware of them. During the realisation as well as the publication of the work, the human being and their interaction are at the centre of the collective’s work.

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