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The Art of Solidarity

Artistic, social and socio-cultural exchange


Who we are?

The art of solidarity is a platform for the artistic, social and socio-cultural exchange of migrant artists, refugees and illegalized people. This platform was created by the african storyteller and poet Awoulawoula. It aims to fight the isolation and invisibility that migrants*, refugees, illegal immigrants and homeless people face due to racism and other forms of discrimination.

Our goals

  • Taking refugees from the camps, where they live in isolation. This isolation prevents them from meeting other people, making friends and becoming an even better part of society
  • Fighting the consequences of this social isolation, such as nervous breakdown and loss of self-esteem
  • These artists* and their projects discover, appreciate, promote and support them in order to create future perspectives and to change the negative image the media present of refugees, migrants or homeless people.
  • Refugees or homeless people are often not seen as people who can successfully complete extensive projects. They are reduced to the “people in need” status. This stigmatisation, no matter how wrong it is, closes many doors for these people and is a huge barrier for the realisation of their own projects.

Our forms of expression

We use the following creative tools,

  • music
  • theatre
  • contemporary dance
  • poetry
  • storytelling
  • poetry slam
  • fashion
  • performance

to spread our political, social and cultural message. The mixing of different disciplines seems to be the best way to reach as many people as possible in our work and to bring different worlds together.

Furthermore, our culinary skills should help to bring different people into contact with each other. To exchange the different eating habits we have set up a cooking group. We organise “ Küfas “ (kitchen for all) with performances on social and political topics. This project is supported by ArtKitchen, Refugee Food and Migrant Restaurant.

Last but not the least, we use fashion. African costumes and masks are combined with influences from the global north. The brand “Streetwear Afrofuturism” by designer Awoulawoula is our first project.

more projects...